As the daughter of musicians who got their start in the Minneapolis folk scene of the 1960’s, Jessa Roquet flourished in a family culture of tight harmonies, storytelling, and guitars. Since the days of being hauled from gig to gig in the family station wagon, she has built a musical treasure chest of her own. 

    Gambler’s Daughter’s debut was a self-titled EP in 2016. This album, also produced by Roquet, was a diverse sampling of what was to come, blending elegant lyricism with her rich heritage in folk music, heartfelt rock, and a touch of soulful blues. Shortly after, she recorded a holiday single called New Year Be Kind. This holiday tune personifies the New Year, pleading with it to be kinder than the last, showcasing Roquet’s ability to mix a nostalgic holiday sound with a subject matter not widely touched on in the season of lights.

    The kindness of the New Year came to fruition when Roquet began her next project, Serotinous Skin. With this project she partnered with producer Matt Patrick at The Library Studio in Minneapolis, MN. There, a brilliant cast of musicians infused their craft into Roquet’s writing: Toni Lindgren on guitar, Aaron Fabbrini on bass, Alexander Young on drums, and Matt Patrick on a smorgasbord of different instruments. Roquet’s sound settles into a beautiful groove on this first full length album, arriving in the alternative folk and rock space. Serotinous Skin, harnesses Roquet’s poetic lyricism and folk sensibilities, bringing them from the evocative and ethereal to places of grit and gravity. Through a sonically diverse landscape, Serotinous Skin ties together themes of self awareness, grief, love, longing, and the transformative beauty that can come through life’s vicissitudes.